I’m happy to announce my new book written with @keltieknight out on Valentine’s Day.

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It seems so far away now.
I was at a birthday party singing karaoke at a gay bar in August of 2012 when I got the text.

"We should write a book together."

I just assumed she was drunk because it was 1:30am and but I forgot about the time zone differences and her penchant for being spontaneous…

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Burning Bridges…

Tonight, for the first time in a really long time, I feel like I’m going to be okay. That I’m going to survive this.

I shut down a very unhealthy relationship with someone who was using me for her own personal gain. I don’t need her, and I don’t want her in my life anymore.

I’m making amends, making apologies to those that I have hurt. To try and show them that I am truly sorry for the person I was when we were together.

The most important thing is - I’M TRYING.

So fuck you for judging me.
Fuck you for using me.
Fuck you for thinking that I somehow stood some sort of threat for what you believed you deserved from this life.

You don’t know me. And you don’t know us. You never will.

And I’m done letting you know about the things that are none of your goddamn business.


So how will you make it?
You make it by changing the way you see it.
The break-up will be tough. More difficult than your friends will understand. Because they never saw just how amazing that person could have been - and that was what you believed in all along. The harsh reality is, they didn’t…

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Sometimes I feel like I’m losing anyone I let get too close. They all find something or someone better than me, and who can blame them? I’m stuck in the past, while they’re all moving on with their lives. Who am I to stop them? They all deserve to be happy. That’s all I want for them, even if it means leaving me behind. I just hope that they know that all I want is for them to be happy. I love them all so much, so I guess I should stop trying to hold onto them so tightly…

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I was listening to her talk. She was emotional and I could see the tears welling up in her eyes. She said, “And I said I love you to him. And it was a big deal - because that changes something inside.”

I sat quietly and thought about all the times that I have loved a woman but either wouldn’t or…

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Alkaline Trio at The Metro in Chicago, IL on 5/31/2013

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She said, “The editor is going to need a brief description of your writing style.”

I brushed my teeth and thought about it.

I returned to my computer and typed, “Imagine if Mitch Albom and Henry Rollins were fighting while Dan Savage and Bukowski were jerking each other off in the corner while the jukebox alternated between God Save The Queen and Dear Mama - I would be the little kid outside of that club petting feral cats and screaming about how I should be on the list.”

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Coming sooner than you think. 

I cannot wait for this. I cannot wait to throw myself back into their world. I’ve missed them.


Coming sooner than you think. 


I cannot wait for this. I cannot wait to throw myself back into their world. I’ve missed them.

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Sometimes I wonder if we will ever be again. Just a small part of what once was…

Even if it never happens, I hope you know that I think about you often. And I hope that you are okay.